Founded in 1987, Intermeat was acquired by Minerva Foods in 2016. This trading company, which is headquartered in Brazil and has strategically located offices in Paraguay and Uruguay, operates as a marketer, importer and exporter of frozen, cold or industrialized meat from various animal sources such as bovine, poultry, swine, ovine, among others, to countries from all continents.

The products, originated from the main animal protein producers in South America, United States, Canada, Europe, Oceania and Russia, meet the most demanding commercial, sanitary and logistical patterns of the world market.

This rigorous control, allied to a highly trained and prepared team, ensures the quality and reliability of our products and also more speed and accuracy in service to our customers.

That is why, today, Intermeat is recognized as one of the main players in the trade of animal protein in Mercosur.