Minerva Foods is a global reference for quality in the production and marketing of beef, leather and byproducts, live cattle exportation and, in addition to its operations, in the processing of meat.

The Company's history is guided by a solid, disciplined, coherent and experienced administration that aims to act in the most profitable markets through the use of risk management instruments.

Minerva Foods invests daily in the modernization of its industrial units, carries out strategic acquisitions, maintains a broad and customized portfolio of quality products, and has an integrated and efficient distribution logistics.

Nowadays, it operates 26 industrial facilities, being 11 in Brazil, 6 in Paraguay, 3 in Uruguay, 1 in Colombia and 5 in Argentina, and counts with 14 distribution centers, located in Brazil, Paraguay, Colombia, Chile and Argentina.

Minerva Foods is of the leading companies in its segment in Latin America and sustains a prime position on the international market, exporting to more than 100 countries throughout five continents.

  • Mission

    To be a global provider of quality food, with social, economic and environmental responsibility. Minerva adopts high level of operational efficiency, promoting teamwork, valuing its employees and fostering respect and trust in its business area.
  • Vision

    To be the most efficient company, always seeking to maximize the return on invested capital for all its business segments with appropriate risk management policies.
  • Values

    Integrity, commitment, responsibility, initiative, cooperation, simplicity and determination.

A little of our history

Since 1992, the Company's trajectory merges with the history of Brazilian cattle raising, since its founders, the Vilela de Queiroz family have had a huge participation in the development of that segment in Brazil, being recognized for their excellence in transportation and livestock breeding. Along with the industrialization of meat and its byproducts, Minerva Foods also gained international recognition.


Minerva Foods is a global company, serving five continents with meat and derivatives, originated from Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Colombia and Argentina, which are producers recognized for their superior quality. The Company also has international commercial offices located in Latin America, USA, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

Map points

  • Industrial Units
  • Internacional Offices
  • Distribution Centers
  • Related Businesses
  • Commercial Offices

Corporate Governance

In 2000, the São Paulo Securities, Commodities and Futures Exchange (BM&FBovespa) introduced three special segments for their listing, known as Levels 1 and 2 of Differentiated Corporate Governance Practices and New Market. The goal was to create a secondary market for securities issued by Brazilian publicly held companies that follow better corporate governance practices.

The listing segments were designed for the trading of shares issued by companies voluntarily undertaking to abide by corporate governance practices and disclosure requirements in addition to those already imposed by Brazilian law. In general, those rules extend the rights of shareholders and improve the quality of the information provided to them.

The New Market rules demand, in addition to the obligations imposed by the Brazilian legislation, the attendance of the following requirements, among others:

  • Issue only ordinary shares;
  • Grant to all shareholders the right of joint sale ("tag along"), in the event of the disposal of shareholder control of the Company, and the buyer of the controlling share, should order public offer for share acquisition to the other shareholders, and the price paid for each share should be the same price paid in the shares pertaining to the controlling block;
  • Ensure that Minerva's shares, representing at least 25% of total capital, are in circulation;
  • Adopt offering procedures that favor shareholding dispersion;
  • Meet minimum standards of quarterly disclosure of information;
  • Follow stricter disclosure policies regarding the negotiations conducted by the Company's controlling shareholders, advisors and directors involving securities issued by them;
  • Submit any shareholders' agreements and existing stock options buyout programs to purchase to BM&FBovespa;
  • Turn available to all their shareholders a corporate event calendar;
  • Limit to one year the mandate of all members from Minerva's Board of Directors, and it shall be composed of, at least, five members;
  • Elaborate, from the second accounting year finished after their admission to the New Market, annual financial statements, including cash flow demonstrations, in English language, according to international accounting standards, such as those in the U.S. GAAP or IFRS;
  • Adopt exclusively the rules from BM&FBovespa arbitration regulation, whereby the stock exchange itself, the Company, the controlling shareholder, the administrators, and the members of the Company's Fiscal Board, if installed, undertake to resolve each and every dispute or controversy relating to the listing regulation through an arbitration procedure;
  • Hold public meetings with analysts and other stakeholders, at least once a year, to disclose information regarding their respective economic-financial situation, projects and perspectives;
  • In the event of leaving the New Market, so that shares can be negotiated outside the new rule, the controlling shareholder must make public offering for the acquisition of shares in circulation, by the economic value determined by an appraisal report drawn up by a specialized and Independent Company.